Regardless of the type of team you are in; functional, cross-functional, project-based, management, agile, or global, all work teams are built on four fundamental pillars:

Compelling Direction

Inspiring vision of where you are going and clear goals to achieve.

Strong Structure

Agreed upon team charter to guide decision making, problem solving and the right team behaviours.

Required Resources

Available resources to achieve success and continuous team development strategies.

Shared Mindset

Fostering an “us” mentality and a common identity and understanding.

Teams facing distance and diversity, digital communication and changing membership need to quickly upskill team members with new behaviours for this new reality.

Develop strong trust and connection

Engage in conflict and give feedback

Hold one another accountable

Communicate with candor and empathy

Balance observation and participation

Jump Start Your Team

A TEAM PACT gives a team direction and serves as guideposts for decision making and day to day behaviour.

Developing the Team Leader

Building Team Leadership Skills

We know you want your teams to work effectively together across your organization, and our leadership and team building training course can help your organization build high-performance teams.

Team Leadership is a skills-based, practical training program and is designed to give your team leaders the process, tools, and leadership skills they need to empower team members, improve productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives.

In person classroom or Virtual Delivery

Build Community and Impact Together

Is your team ready?