Relationships are important to Us.

We work hard with our clients towards building strong connections and professional trust. This drives our daily commitments.

Stay Connected

We reach out to our clients to stay connected, not just because we need something.

Build Trust

We forego our own interests to help others. We are dependable, reliable and we keep commitments.

Solution Focused

We align on solutions that benefit all parties. We focus on the right solution and not just the sale.

Work Hard

We keep current with our client’s business and industry and have relentless commitment to our client’s needs.

Why Haveron Leadership?

Depth of Experience

We have a demonstrated experience with over 500 client organizations, in 30+ industries in private, public and not-for-profit organizations.

Proven, and New Content

We offer our clients the scale of significant B2B partnerships and a library of leading-edge content and programs.

Tailored Approach to Solutions

We help our clients find the right solutions for their unique needs and deliver within a customizable framework.

Our Areas of Focus

[Human] Focused

We are genuine and original in our approach with our clients and their leaders. We stay true to our beliefs around developing [Human] Business Leaders that balance people and results.

Solution Focused

We create and deliver new approaches to leadership development. We stay current on trends and best practices and helping organizations improve and be successful for the long haul.

Client Focused

We pay attention to the detail around everything. We provide outstanding plus one [Human] service and adapt and flex to the needs and expectations of our client.

Our Experience

Our expertise is built on broad and deep experience within a variety of key industries:

Client Days
Client Organizations

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Building/Civil Construction
Public Sector Associations
Energy and Utilities
Recruitment and Placement Services
Transportation and Logistics

Port Authority
Professional Sports
Food Service & Hospitality
Home Improvement
Consumer Goods

Real Estate
Port Authority
Spirits and Breweries
Municipal/Regional Governments
Professional Firms

Our People

Business womon on phone

Client Service Team

Our client service team provides both a structure and a process for facilitating our client’s seamless journey with Haveron Leadership. Their dedication to our client’s needs and experience produce plus-one service and solidify long lasting client relationships.

Business man and a group of people talking

Services & Solutions Team

We have a team of talented professionals that help create tailored solutions for our clients. Our team has expertise in upfront needs assessment, solution and learning journey creation, graphic and resource design, and measurement and evaluation.

Business people listening to a business presentation

Delivery Team

We have a strong global consulting, coach and facilitator network that allows us to remain agile and fast moving while leveraging current capabilities from a pool of industry experts. Our partnership framework is supported by a number of strong independent Trainers/Consultants as well as world-class content experts.

Photo of Neil Haveron

Neil Haveron

Neil is a top Organizational Consultant Solution Designer and Facilitator with over 20 years of helping organizations to improve leadership, teams and organizational effectiveness. He has consulted in over 400 mid to large size companies around the globe.

Neil’s experience and strengths include:

  • Strategic development of executive and business teams to drive business outcomes and priorities
  • Reengineering of processes and the alignment of people towards customer centricity
  • Implementing sustainable change management strategies
  • Designing and implementing client solutions to build and strengthen the right competencies and skills
  • Leading global client teams to deliver just-in-time skills and knowledge
  • Developing strong business partnerships with many clients in a variety of different business sectors.

Neil is customer focused and performance driven. As one of the industry’s top facilitators, Neil balances a perfect blend of humor, results and business relevancy, which crosses over all generations, cultures and industries. He has the ability to ask penetrating questions to move the conversation forward and dig into the real issues, and at the same time build trust quickly with any group. Neil consistently makes an impact on his clients by providing flexible, personalized solutions that work in business today. Before his various consulting and facilitation roles, Neil held executive and senior leadership roles in the service and hospitality industry.

Neil lives with his family in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He is active in his community and enjoys reading, sports and the outdoors.

Our Partnerships

We continuously seek business partnerships and collaborations that allow us the flexibility to leverage high impact external programs and offerings and be able to develop new solutions in-house.

Experience Point Logo

ExperiencePoint is an award-winning training company that develops innovation and change management simulation workshops that are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems.

Wiley Logo

Wiley® is a global publisher and owner of the brand, Everything DiSC® -the leading suite of DiSC®-based corporate training and assessment solutions.

MHS Logo

MHS is the leading publisher of innovative leadership assessments that help improve the quality of life for individuals and communities around the world.

The Booth Company Logo

The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of leadership development surveys and survey hosting and specializing in 360° feedback assessments and 360° survey customization.

The Ken Blanchard Companies Logo

The Ken Blanchard Companies – is recognized as one of the world’s leading training and development experts. Situational Leadership II is one of the most recognized leadership models in the world.

Career Opportunities at Haveron Leadership


We are presently looking for the following positions:

What you can expect working at Haveron Leadership:

An environment that encourages continuous learning and professional growth

Autonomy and responsibility in a collaborative environment

Opportunity to solve problems and work on innovative learning solutions

A balanced (human) centred workplace