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Agility & Resilience

Develop a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way you perceive and express yourself, develop relationships, and cope with challenges.

Complete a personalized learning experience that teaches you to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

Learn real, practical tools to bounce back from day to day setbacks and learn minor shifts to create major boosts in your focus, drive and energy.

Influencing & Collaboration

Develop the skills and interpersonal power to stretch your circle of influence, build credibility, and leverage different styles to influencing decisions and outcomes.

Improve self-awareness and curb destructive behaviours so that difficult conversations can become more productive, improve workplace results and relationships.

Build more effective relationships at work, adapt to others in real-time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective collaboration.

Walk away with a set of tools and skills for anticipating and resolving problems and how to apply fact-based decision making and make agreed upon decisions quickly.

Individuals and teams understand the impact of their behaviours on building/eroding trust and can identify those aspects that need attention to build and maintain trusting relationships.

Learn a simple 3-step feedback process and deliver it in a FeedForward mindset that lowers the fight-flight response in others, strengthens relationships and moves towards better.

Advance your communication skills in effective listening, asking high impact questions, sending clear messages and cascading vision to people you lead.

Coaching & Developing

This highly interactive virtually delivered program focuses on three key practices proven to boost manager effectiveness in a virtual environment.

Learn a time-tested model that empowers you to become adaptive to the situation and lead situationally by giving people the right support or direction at the right time.

Develop both an approach for coaching others and the skills to create movement and improved development and greater performance in others.

Learn the necessary new leader basics from the start and become a leader who builds engaged, productive teams, that drive greater results for your organization.

Teams & Groups

Learn a framework that helps individuals and teams develop trust, engage in disagreement, commit to decisions, build accountability and achieve collective results.

Learn the process, tools, and leadership skills needed to align and empower any team to improve productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives & priorities.

Change & Innovation

Learn change through an expert-guided workshop experience designed to help you execute on your ideas while teaching the essentials of successful change.

Teach to lead successful change initiatives and learn how to address the predictable questions people have and how to resolve their concern to increase buy-in and commitment.

Immerse your people in a family of experiential workshops that build creative confidence and competence around solving your most pressing human centred business challenges.

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